Electrical Engineering stuff

Welcome to my electrical engineering page, devoted to one of my longest running, and least fruitful hobbies. Unfortunately, I have never gotten very far, because the subject is rather difficult to grasp. However, I still find it very interesting, and am still working to learn things.

Planned work for this page includes any information I find helpful while I am studying. One of my core interests right now is FPGAs, with a special leaning towards radio signal processing. Anything I find interesting, or manage to get working will go on here.

I am also looking to put journals on this page for any long term projects. I will also take a rough inventory of the components and eval kits I have and put that on here.

For now, here are some useful links:

For buying parts:
Seeed Studio

For learning:
All about circuits (they also have a great forum)
Sparkfun's tutorials
Dangerous Prototypes (Also has a great forum)